Wednesday, April 08, 2009

¡Ah, bárbaros!

Aquí el poster de "Barack, the Barbarian: Quest for the Treasury of Stimuli", el nuevo cómic de Devil's Due Publishing (DDP).

Así presentan el nuevo cómic los de DDP:
"From a far away land rises a mighty hero. The son of peasants from two different realms, the one known only as Barack protects the people of Hope Kingdom at all costs. Watch as he takes on the likes of Boosh the Dim, Red Sarah and Cha-nee the Grim in this hilarious first issue! (....) In the distant future the story of Barack Obama has become a little... distorted. According to THE MADDOWIAN CHRONICLES he was the one destined to save the great republic of America and dethrone the overpaid despots of the time. Join Barack, Sorceress Hilaria, her demi-god trickster husband Biil, Overlord Boosh and Chainknee of the Elephant Kingdom. Who can the lone barbarian trust, if anyone?"
Por cierto, ¿saben a que Presidente latinoamericano parece admirar Obama? No, lo siento, no es a Felipe Calderón. He aquí la respuesta.

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