Thursday, April 22, 2010

¿Quién es Tim Geithner?

Una excelente semblanza de Tim Geithner, Secretario del Tesoro de Estados Unidos, en The Atlantic.

El mes pasado, The New Yorker también había realizado una semblanza de este interesante personaje.

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Anonymous said...

"He lacks the fully realized public persona most government officials develop by the time they’re chosen for important Cabinet positions. He doesn’t look like a Treasury secretary. He lacks presence. He’s trim and small, practically elfin, and, at 48, young for the job (he looks even younger). He doesn’t fit the Treasury secretary’s typical profile, either, since he is neither a businessman nor an economist nor a party eminence serving out a comfortable valedictory. Geithner is
something else entirely—a superstar of the bureaucracy, whose rapid rise during the 1990s came in the Treasury Department he now runs. At heart, he’s an institutionalist."

Me encantó ese párrafo. Gracias por la referencia, Gerardo.